Collection Of Proofs And Evidences

To prove the validity of any observations or justifying the facts, the foremost thing required by the court of law is the proofs and evidence.

The evidences are further classified in several categories depending on the nature of the cases presented. Our crime scene investigator helps the client by conducting qualitative analysis as well as qualitative research of the respected case.

24*7 surveillance is carried out, shadowing and tracking

24*7 surveillance is carried out, shadowing and tracking a target is executed based on the case and the requirement of the client. Clients who require videos, photos or audio tapes to prove their point in court, can approach us without any hesitation.

Most of the times, a bride/groom who are getting married, owners who have accepted employees without any background check, or certain other cases where proofs and surveillance is required shall be performed.

Today the culprits are adapted with the latest technology and even try to forge the evidences left. Even our Crime scene investigators are no way behind, their study of forensicscience, consumer behaviour, and forensic analysis and their knowledge regarding the latest equipment proffer precise results.

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