Physical Surveillance

To reach out to the activities of a suspected person one needs to be attentive and equipped with all the modern technologies and equipments as well. Our team consists of Best Detectives who are well versed in doing Physical surveillance as well as video surveillance as per the requirements propose to them.

Their work involves monitoring the person not only sitting and using the technology but also confidentially following the same in disguise. Our experienced officials make sure that the target is not aware about the shadowing being carried out against them.

Physical surveillance

 Physical surveillance includes following to office, back to home, noting all the unusual activities, observing target's daily routine etc.

 Also, the team furnishes with all the proofs and evidences such as photographs, videos, detailed study of activity all merged in a well written and accurate reports.

Based on what the case requires, the surveillance is carried out which can in turn cost the client a little more than the ordinary charges.

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