Cyber Crime And Forensic Services

Any investigation done with regard to cyber crime or if it involves forensic support or analysis needs utmost care and vision. Cyber Crime has been increasing rapidly in the 21st century. Sending texts from unknown numbers, calls, vulgar and obscene pictures, blackmailing through forged pictures or videos has been on a rise.

 We know these kinds of services not only require over the edge technology but also requisite hardware. Our detective agents are well versed with the latest software’s, technological infrastructures and just the best connection.

Our contact list has been generated and is updated every minute to get the access with the best experts in this field and discipline.

It involves investigating an anonymous letters, calls, emails, writings, lie detecting, computer/mobile forensics and much with analysis of claims and allegations.

Forensic services include, collecting blood samples or fingerprints from the crime scene, helping the forensic department to get DNA test done or collecting evidences. These services are provided by our extremely professional officers who have remarkable experience in the respective fields.

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