Property Verifications

Today people are more towards verifying their properties before getting involved or using it for any purposes. Any kind of movable/immovable properties needs to be confirmed. Our property verification services are blessed with the top-notch quality and in-built contacts which cater one’s requirements with regard to land document verification or document verification. We offer property documents checklist and use the most effective tools to investigate and trace the authenticity of the documents enlisted and the property itself.


The services involve :

property documents verification - whether the submitted documents are real and correct or if the land is under any case, whether the property has any criminal connection in the past will be verified by our agents.

property ownership verification and will also inform you with simple ways to check and verify property ownership. The complete history of the property is verified and the report is submitted to the client along with strong evidences.

Property purchase is an one time investment which has to be made by taking all the necessary measures to avoid taking any wrong move. Our detective agency will help you in taking the right move towards a bright and a great future.

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