Spy Cameras & Audio Devices

Our spy cameras and audio devices are specially designed by keeping in mind the range of protection and safety these gadgets provide. These devices are very much capable of capturing and restoring pictures, videos, audios and even location without getting into in someone eyes. These come in very minute forms like pen cameras, button cameras etc. which cannot be usually noticed if not told.

It is mainly used by undercover agents or by detectives for surveillance activities. But there can be instances where using of these cameras and audio devices can violate the rights of an individual and institution. Such devices can be the cause of a problem or a solution to a case. One has to know the India law that violating any rights of an individual specifically right to privacy can land them in jail. Hence, it is advised to use it with utmost care and concern. It is suggested only to agents, law agencies located in and around the city, for internal security purposes and to keep the country safe from neighbouring enemies. Thus common man is not advised to use such devices for any personal use.

But for the right cause, if a spy camera or an audio device is needed, one can always call our detective agency.

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